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A Vulnerable Topography

Why did God make us

with hollowed-out spaces

caverns carved into our bodies

available to the world

doorways without doors to close

positioned just so

that no matter which way we squirm

we cannot possibly hide them all?

Why did God make us

with exposed terrain

undulating landscapes heavy with presence

an obtainable reaping

that no matter how we shroud it

we cannot refuse being harvested?

Why did God make us

with such tender strength

limbs bending to not break

groaning under the weight

of a thousand stinging hailstones

that no matter how we move

through the storm

we cannot prevent being crushed

by its ceaseless returning?

And then,

after all this making,

why did God choose

to visit us as a man?

Was it because he knew

he would have hated

being a woman?

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