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a dark blue and red abstract figurative painting showing human hands, arms, and legs

Pentimento oil on canvas 


Discarded Dolloil on canvas 

a black silhouette on white background of skeletal figures with a sword raised, chasing a girl who is running from them and reaching out to a man in a business suit who is walking away

Janjaweedmixed media

a charcoal portrait drawing of a young woman looking directly at the viewer, with an aura of light behind her head

The Sainthood of Kellycharcoal on paper

a sketch of a woman's torso and upper legs. She is sitting down with her arms resting on her thighs.

Untitledcharcoal on paper

a pencil sketch of a young man laying on his back with one leg ben and his hands resting on his abdomen.

Untitledgraphite on paper

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